Welcome to public art space Vorota!

The art space VOROTA in Kaliningrad has been developed as a grass roots community and gallery space since 2013. It has been made by people for people, with a help of different teams of curators which have always been focused around the Kaliningrad Union of Art Photographers. Situated in a historic monument, one of eighth town gatehouses dated back to mid of the 19th century, it has become a magnet for local communities and initiatives, related both to arts and different kinds of activism.

The most recent history of this space is a unique example of bringing new life to the historical monument and keeping it alive by daily activities. On the area of 170 square meters, there have been constantly changing exhibit shows (none of them usually runs longer than two weeks) and all types of events, ranging from concerts, meet ups, discussions, lectures, workshops to larger festivals. The space is unique in atmosphere, philosophy and appearance. It is able to host up to 80−100 people at once. The entrance to art shows is free. The space is open every day. It has a small café and art works on the red brick walls. It brings together many different audiences.

The basic principle is to be open to anybody with initiative, clear purpose and ability to organize an event. The role of curators (we are two partners in our small team working together since June 2017, Anna Karpenko and Andrei Ivanov) is to facilitate the process of organizing and promoting the events. The information about our activities is spread mainly via social media (@vorotagallery) and by word of mouth. Since re-opening after crisis in February 2018, the art space hosted more than 250 events, including almost 50 art, mostly photography, exhibits, for dozens of thousands of people.

If you want to organize your own event, have a small meeting with your friends, or you are just up to have a cup of good coffee and explore local art without tension, have a look at the Vorota.

We are at Litovsky val, 61, in Kaliningrad, open daily from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m.

Andrei Ivanov
Anna Karpenko

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TWIMC: Neither public art space Vorota nor Kaliningrad Union of Art Photografers has nothing to do with ArtVorota and Mr. Dmitry Selin except common history up to 01/01/2017. Thank you and that is enough.